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Do You Wish To Clear IAS Exam In Limited Time?

Do You Wish To Clear IAS Exam In Limited Time?

Civil service examination includes various stages of exams and every year IAS aspiring students appear for the exam. One of the most significant challenges is to clear all the exams within a limited time. You may be worried whether you can crack all the exams in the first attempt. Taking up the exam repeatedly can reduce your self-confidence. This would affect the vigour of your preparation. Thus put on all your efforts so that you clear the IAS exam within a limited time. Join top IAS academy in Chennai which offers training to crack the IAS exams in the first few attempts.
The following are some of the strategies and tips to be followed for clearing the IAS exam.
Start Early
You would be aware that the syllabus for civil service examination is vast. Start your preparation during your college. Thus it would be easy to cover the entire syllabus. You can appear for prelims just after your graduation. This would help to save a lot of time. Prepare for preliminary exams from the pre-final year of your college and crack it in the first attempt.
Know The Syllabus
When you aspire to become an IAS officer, make sure to know about the syllabus of the civil service exams. You must be aware of the preliminary examination syllabus and the question pattern. This would help to choose the right textbooks and reference books for preparation. Seek the help of your friends or relatives who have taken up the exam. Reputed IAS academies would help in knowing about the syllabus. Explicit knowledge of the syllabus would help to clear the exam in limited time.
Do Smart Work
The syllabus of the UPSC is huge, and it is not possible to master the entire syllabus. Be smart and come up with specific preparation strategies like note making, prioritising important topics etc. Take notes of all the important points that you have studied. Notes would be the most excellent resource for revision just before the exam. Prioritise the topics of study based on its importance. Concentrate on the fundamental concepts of each topic.
Refer to previous year question papers; this would give an explicit knowledge about the important topics. Give importance to those topics of study.
Be Consistent
Cracking the IAS exam is not a joke as you have to put in all your efforts for it. Consistent hard work and proper planning alone can take you towards success. Fix a timetable for study, and this would help to complete the vast syllabus. A daily routine would help to meet the daily targets.
Take Up Mock Test
You have to complete the exam within a stipulated time. The mock test gives a hands-on experience of solving the exam paper. You would learn to manage time and improve on your answering skills. Experts suggest not to waste time in hard questions. Move on complete the easy questions and come back to the difficult ones. This would help to complete the exam on time.
Thus by following the above preparation strategies and tips you would clear the IAS exam within a limited time.

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